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There's always something brewing at Zoho

But, the month of July kept us busier than usual. We can't wait to give you the low-down on all our exciting updates. Let's dive in!

Zoho Buzz

In this issue of Zoho Buzz, we talk about:

Our CEO's stance on resilience in business

Striking results from a survey on success in remote work

The latest product upgrades

Our thoughts on the changes happening in the business world

Sridhar's message: be agile, adaptive, and relevant as a business

Over 24 years in business, we've seen our fair share of economic ups and downs. Two notable ones were the global financial crisis in 2007-2008 and the Telecoms crash in 2001, the latter of which resulted in the loss of 90% of our customers.

Sridhar's message

In this video, Sridhar Vembu shares the lessons he has learned while navigating difficult times. From adopting a culture of experimentation, to staying relevant and being self-critical—hear his thoughts on growing resilient businesses.

North American businesses surveyed say: tech systems inadequate

Beagle Research Group, on behalf of Zoho, surveyed more than 500 employees from businesses across North America. The study analyzed what factors were affecting a company's performance; how satisfied the employees were and how technology made a huge difference while working remotely.

A Few Highlights From the Study

Employee engagement and alignment

  • 66 percent of those surveyed found high satisfaction in the work they do
  • 69 percent agreed that their job provides them with meaningful work they take pride in
  • 63 percent say they know what their managers expect of them

Computer systems and communication

  • 50 percent of front and back office employees found their company's technology inadequate
  • 52 percent found their computing systems not conducive to their work
  • 34 percent say there’s only sporadic internal communication

You can find the full report here.

Enhanced receipt scanning on Zoho Expense

The receipt auto-scan feature—a mainstay of Zoho Expense—just got an upgrade!

We've made Expense's auto-scan feature capable of scanning and interpreting receipts in more than 10 languages. It's also significantly faster and smarter, with the ability to identify and extract individual line items from expense receipts.

Left dotted Auto-scan feature Right dotted

Auto-scan has always been an essential tool for organizations looking to automate receipt processing, save time, and eliminate data-entry errors. With these enhancements, we know it'll become an indispensable part of expense management for more users, which is why we're excited for you to experience it yourself!


All that's new

Zoho CRM

There’s a whole new look and outlook for Zoho CRM. After 15 years, we’ve changed our logo to represent what we stand for: creating infinite, everlasting customer relationships. Here’s how we've improved our handshake.

Zoho Commerce

Our latest update: integrations with Facebook Pixel, Google tracking ID, Stripe iDeal, Shiprocket, and DPD shipping carriers to make the lives of sellers much easier. We released a bunch of new features too! Check them out

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns now integrates with Bigin by Zoho CRM (a pipeline-centric CRM for small businesses). You can instantly sync contact data from Bigin to Zoho Campaigns to set up personalized, automated email campaigns and manage your day-to-day customer-related activities for better reach.

Zoho Subscriptions

From the subtler additions like dark mode to powerful features like business cards and document scanning, the latest update from Zoho Subscriptions' iOS app has everything you need to run your subscription business.

Toolkit by Zoho Mail

Toolkit is a completely new, free, and comprehensive service for troubleshooting or solving email-related issues, such as retrieving domain information, looking up registry details, running DNS record checks, and more. It can be used by anyone, not just Zoho users.

Zoho Marketplace

We added 39 new extensions on Zoho Marketplace last month, with Zoho Subscriptions bringing in 6 extensions, 7 for Zoho People, and 11 for Zoho CRM. See the list


Partnerships and acknowledgments

Zoho Creator collaborates with the NASSCOM Foundation to support non-profits.

From tracking fundraisers to managing events and volunteers, we're providing solutions tailor-made for NGOs.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Analytics has been included in the latest Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) report along with other leading BI vendors.

The report describes the most important trends in the cloud BI and analytics market with details about Zoho Analytics' AI and data visualization capabilities.

Zoho Analytics


Resources to help you

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What our leadership is saying

Sridhar Vembu Sridhar Vembu, Chief Executive Officer

Technovation with Peter High: Insights on Zoho's unique philosophy, and dealing with tough economic times, among other topics

NASSCOM VirtualFest: 'The Opportunities in the Uncertainties' with Debjani Ghosh

FICCI Panel Discussion: The 'Opportunities for Cooperation & Collaboration in ICT Sector' between India and Russia

Raju VegesnaRaju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist

CMSWire: Customer Networks Are the Key to Driving Business Success

Small Business trends: How Work from Home is Pushing the Boundaries of Privacy Again

Business Wire: Zoho Touts 15 Million Users on Its Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Vijay SundaramVijay Sundaram, Cheif Strategy Officer

Forbes: Prepping For A Future Of Work That Is Already Here

When was your



On a more casual note, we wanted to ask—when was the first time you used a Zoho product? It was heart-warning to see that some of our users go way back to 2006!

firsttimewithzoho twitter

Over to you...

We've covered quite a bit of ground in this edition. We hope you find our updates useful! In case you missed out on our previous stories, and would like to catch up, here's where you can find them.

Thank you for taking time out for us and reading all the way through. We truly appreciate it. 🙏

Until next time,

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