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We have some big stories to share.

Including a message from the leadership about our growth philosophy and the brand new typeface we've created. Interested? Check it out below!

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In this issue, we talk about:

Zoho Puvi: Our down-to-earth typeface

Fostering rural economic revival

Building farm offices

The all-new Zoho Workplace, product updates, and more

Say hello to Zoho Puvi—our down-to-earth typeface

We're excited to share that we now have a font of our own!

On the mission to redefining our visual identity, we created Puvi: a typeface that is functional, scalable, dynamic, and speaks to our company philosophy. We strive to create useful, intuitive and beautiful software, and we think this typeface will feel right at home.

Zoho Puvi

Puvi stands tall with an increased x-height for better legibility, a stylized angular cut, and a designed stress on high contrast for overall aesthetic appearance. We've designed the font to be transmutable across different formats and environments. You'll be seeing Puvi sitting comfortably within a pop-up box, inside our product, or maxed-out on a billboard that scales an entire building!

Wondering why we named it Puvi and call it "down-to-earth"? Read our story

Farming at Zoho

Our farm offices are finally "bearing fruit" (or vegetables, as the case may be), and we couldn't be happier.

Back story: In February of this year, a few of us got together and opened up a farm at our Austin campus. We hauled in some organic manure and started to cultivate.

Farming at Zoho

A few months later, our farm produced over 30 varieties of crops. From basil, mint, and lavender to apples, peaches, and melons—you name it, and we probably grew it! We started this project before COVID19 became widespread, and once social distancing kicked in, our farm became a place for (socially distanced) colleagues to reconnect.

Raju Vegesna's Quote

We've also opened six new rural offices in India, each based in a village. We have already started our local hiring and training initiatives, and are starting to see great results.

Diginomica captured our philosophy on farming (and some of our other guiding values) beautifully. We highly recommend reading it!

Work re- imagined with all-new

Zoho Workplace

Presenting the new Workplace: a suite of nine tightly integrated applications to unify office productivity, team communication, and collaboration. With one dashboard to tie all the apps together (including integrations across third-party apps and other Zoho apps), Workplace will improve your productivity and cut down on the clutter in your life.

Zoho Workplace

With the Workplace suite, our focus is on ensuring continuity across devices, enabling convenience, and fostering collaboration. This release also adds a lot of important updates to each of the individual apps. Get collaborating


All that's new

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail can now be used as an IMAP client to sync, read, and access your other email accounts. No matter what device or client you use for email, or how often you switch from one to another, your folders and emails will be perfectly synced across all of them. Get in sync

Bigin by Zoho CRM

We're excited to announce that Bigin now integrates with Zapier, so that you can do more with less work. There's not just one, but 2000+ ways to connect Bigin with your favorite business applications! Bigin and zap away

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, you can also integrate Bigin with Zoho Flow!

Zoho Expense

Integrate Zoho Expense with Amazon Business to automate expense creation for business purchases. Auto-reconcile the recorded expenses with corporate card feeds, and get item-level visibility into your purchases. Fetch expenses automatically

Zoho Sites

Sites now integrates with two of our other apps, Bigin by Zoho CRM and Zoho Bookings. This integration lets you deploy Bigin web forms on your websites without writing a single line of code, while Zoho Bookings helps you manage your online appointment scheduling. We've launched even more exciting features. Check them out

Zoho Commerce

Start automatically updating your catalogs on social media and cross-marketing to your customers thanks to an integration with Facebook and Instagram Shops. We've also rolled out customized email templates and additional shipping carrier support. Here's more

Zoho Recruit

The integration between Zoho Recruit and Accurate Background helps recruiters conduct background checks, and provides real-time status and results back to the recruiter. This partnership will optimize every part of the background screening experience for both recruiters and candidates.

Read on

Zoho Survey

Big news. Now you can create surveys on your iOS devices with the Survey app. And for when you have a long survey, respondents now have the otpion to save their responses and continue later. We also have a new field type: a question where you can add multiple textboxes. Want to learn more? Fill me in

Zoho Meeting

The new set of updates in Meeting include Email Customization for webinars, customizable field labels for webinar forms, sorting and filtering capabilities for online meetings, downloadable chat transcripts, and major improvements in the iOS and Android apps. Zoho Meeting is also now available in more languages. Get the low down

iOS and iPadOS 14 updates

With the launch of iOS and iPadOS 14, we've been quick to add new enhancements to our suite of mobile apps. We've compiled them all in one place for you to check them out.


Resource to help you


We recently debuted Zohologues, a series of talks aimed to educate you about all things technology and business development. Listen in to Zoho experts as they share their experiences, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them to build successful SaaS products. Register for our upcoming talks

Customer guidance

Interested in building your business and growing your revenue during tough times? Join us on October 14th with expert analyst Laurie McCabe and Karl Alexander, Marketing Director at Crown Bees (a Zoho One customer). Learn how to increase your productivity and assess your software infrastructure. Save your seat

10 Website Metrics that Every Business Needs to Track

Get Started with Email Marketing Segmentation

The Future of Return to Work: Adapting to Hybrid Work Environments


Partnerships and acknowledgments

We've partnered with Google for the #MakeSmallStrong initiative.

As part of our commitment to help small businesses dream big, we're offering 3 months of free access to Zoho Sites, Zoho Commerce, and Zoho Inventory. With these tools, you can easily set up a digital store and manage inventory and shipments—all from a single platform.

Zoho partnered with Google

YourStory featured Zoho Doc Scanner.

"Homegrown SaaS unicorn Zoho upgraded its doc scanner application and made it free for a year to fill the void left by CamScanner. Now, users are lapping it up. The app also comes with a nifty CamScanner importer, which helps with hassle-free migration of scanned files from one app to the other."

Zoho Doc Scanner

Over to you...

Most of you may still be working from home, and some, have probably taken up a hybrid approach—part in office and part at home (or coffee shop). How are you "making it work"? We'd be happy to help simplify work for you even further, no matter where you are setting up shop. Whether it's through one-on-one feature demos or specialized training sessions, let us know how we can be of help. We're just an email away.

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