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Zoho Buzz | Issue #6 | May 2020

Although it's only been a month since the last issue of Buzz, it probably feels a bit longer. Considering everything that we've been up to, we're feeling it too.

We know you're focused on staying operational, so you probably don't have time to find out about product training and software updates. Don't worry: we're here to help.

Keeping you connected, no matter where you are

Relief initiatives and remote resources

We've launched a page to help you access our remote working resources and read up on our global initiatives. If you're trying to adapt to remote work or facing a tighter budget, this page will help you prepare for the future. Likewise, you can read about which tools we're packing into our free plans, as well as which offers we're extending to NGOs and nonprofits. Be resilient

In the news

In addition to the Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program (ESAP) and the release of Remotely (a remote-working toolkit), we recently laid out our Vertical Relief Plan (VRP). The VRP is comprised of programs and initiatives to assist organizations in Education, Non-Profit & Government, and Retail sectors.

While the VRP aims to provide assistance for organizations within these three industries, we're still offering additional discounts, training, and support programs for businesses across all verticals. Read all about it

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A round up of product updates

Zoho Classes

Classes is a new mobile app that allows students and teachers to connect remotely. Teachers can host courses, send assignments, run live sessions, and more, while students can continue their education simply and securely. The app is free for up to 100 students in schools around the world. Get early access

Zoho Vault

We'd like to present Zoho Vault's all-new interface. This update simplifies access to your passwords and keeps them as secure as ever. Take a look inside the vault with a video tour. Watch video

Zoho Mail

The new eDiscovery portal helps admins retain organization emails, search through them, and easily comply with industry regulations. Read our blog series on what email retention is, why it's important, and what Zoho Mail's eDiscovery portal offers. Read and retain

A few other highlights

Zoho Influence

Check out Zoho Influence, our new destination for thought leadership and insight from customers, industry experts, and Zoho. Right now, we’re sharing customer stories and advice about remote work, and would love to include yours! Learn more

From the C-Suite

  • Sridhar Vembu, our CEO, spoke previously about his vision of a cloud-enabled rural revival. Here's an article he wrote for Diginomica where he asks whether today's remote work surge will jump-start the process.
  • Vijay Sundaram, our Chief Strategy Officer, shared Five Tips For Responsible Growth In Unstable Business Environments with the Forbes Business Development Council.
  • Raju Vegesna, our Chief Evangelist, made an appearance on Brent Leary's weekly CRM podcast to expand on Zoho's recent efforts and discuss how cloud computing can lead the way in helping small towns build and retain their talent. Brent and Paul begin their discussion on Zoho at 32:21 and Raju appears at 40:32.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk earned awards in multiple categories by G2 for Best Software Products 2020! Desk was ranked 4th in the Top 100 Best Software Products category, appearing on that list as the top customer service product! Desk also ranked 1st in Highest Satisfaction, 2nd in Small Market Business, and 32nd in Mid-Market Business. Try out Desk

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics received great feedback in The BARC BI Survey 19 this year, scoring an impressive 11 top-rankings and 47 leading positions across 5 different peer groups. BARC's BI Survey serves as the voice of the business intelligence (BI) and analytics community, and is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end users. Read the full report

The BARC BI Survey 19

Over to you...

We hope you're holding up well. There's a lot of things you could be worrying about right now, but we want to be sure that Zoho isn't on that list.

If there's anything else you think we could be doing, just hit Reply. We love seeing the responses to Buzz, no matter the circumstance.

Until next time,

Nick and Ritika at Zoho

P.S. Ritika wrote a blog post on how all 8000 of us at Zoho went remote in 3 days.

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