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Celebrating 1 million installs
We're elated that Zoho users have trusted Marketplace extensions
1 million times to simplify their everyday work.
It has taken us six and half years to get here, but beyond the numbers, we've built a thriving ecosystem of 500+ partners who've worked alongside us to enable 800,000+ users to do more with Zoho.
How did we get here
Customer success stories
Marketplace has helped Zoho users simplify work a million times.
Here’s what they have to say.
The interface was intuitive and easy to learn, which helped speed up the implementation process. Additionally, the integration is fully customizable, so they could tailor it to meet the specific needs of Quikflip. WES is also an affordable integration that provides all the features and functionality needed to simplify data aggregation/roll-ups and parent/child record syncing, making it extremely cost-efficient.
The JotForm for Zoho CRM integration allowed our software team to create a roadmap that was in line with what our customers wanted. Moreover, what I truly loved about the integration is that it was easy. It is a no-code solution that allows the sales and marketing team to gather their data without having to talk to a Zoho administrator and without having to change anything on the website itself.
Our partners in crime success
Our partners have lent a hand to help us help our customers and together we've been able to simplify work a million times. Here's what they have to say about their experience with Zoho Marketplace.
We had a very nice experience with Zoho Marketplace because it’s one of the few marketplaces where we could do most of it ourselves.
Quirijn Kleppe
Listing on Zoho Marketplace has been a huge step towards getting more predictable revenue. It's a steady revenue stream that continues to grow. So Marketplace has been a huge part of our strategy as an organization, and it will continue to be.
Tom Hall
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